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Kent Ornithological Society Records


This section of the web site is for the recording of bird sightings in Kent. Anyone can view these sightings, but only registered users can submit records. If you are not already registered, clickheretoregister and we will send you details of your user name and password.

Records added here will automatically be added to the central KOS database.

A summary of the scarcer birds seen recently is displayed further down on this page. For complete news of recent observations, click the 'Bird News' button above.

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Bird Headlines

Interesting birds seen in the last 3 days, most recent first. Amber indicates scarce, yellow indicates rare (Kent requires notes or a description).

SpeciesMax. CountLocationLast Reported
Ring Ouzel1Pegwell Bay30/09/2020
Whooper Swan4Binney Farm 29/09/2020
Black-necked Grebe1ARC Pits (Dungeness)29/09/2020
Cattle Egret8Stoke29/09/2020
Great White Egret1Stoke29/09/2020
American Golden Plover1ARC Pits (Dungeness)29/09/2020
Grey Wagtail1East Malling29/09/2020
Grey Wagtail8Foreness29/09/2020
Dartford Warbler1Coldharbour (Reculver)29/09/2020
Pied Flycatcher1Foreness29/09/2020
Egyptian Goose5TQ703228/09/2020
Grey Wagtail1Aycliff28/09/2020
Redstart1East Malling28/09/2020
Ring Ouzel1Aycliff28/09/2020
Yellow-browed Warbler1Herne Bay28/09/2020
Pied Flycatcher1Warden Point28/09/2020
Crossbill12Clowes Wood28/09/2020

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